I am steadily working on setting up the site and learning the functionality of WordPress\Comicpress anew. Things have evolved a lot since my last installation, but mostly I steadily find my way into the system, trying not to install too many plugins and widgets to not increase the complication of the site too much.

One big different from my last site is that this installation won’t be a multisite blog.The chapter system Comicpress is been built upon make it possible to simulate different comics on the blog without tinkering with the core processes, which suit me just fine.  However it reduce the ability to change the apparence of the different part of the blog, like the comics background . I know it’s possible , but I couldn’t be bothered to use the time to work it out, a different banner for each comic will have to do!

The blog will consist of three parts:

  • The front page which will function as … well the main page to the portal, with big annoncements and a little presentation of the site.
  • The comics, each will have their own chapter and can be accessed easily from the menu on the site
  • The blog (here) here I will write about the day to day life of administering a comic blog, as well as announcements about the comics .

All in all the changes I’m making on the theme are rather minor (few lines of css) .I’ll probably spend more time to learn the ropes of the system than doing big changes in it. When I’m done setting up the structural part of the blog, I don’t plan to use much time for the design. I’ll change some background colours and fonts, and add some elements there and there…

But my main plan is to get back to the drawing board as soon as possible and hopefully spend the least amount of time possible on maintenance after the blog is up and going.