For the ghosts visiting my site you might have noticed the arrival of a couple of comics I’ve incorporated into the site. They’re probably not going to be the usual fare of my site, mostly I’ve used those as a way to test the functionality of the site when I set up several (here two…) comics there. Why use real (albeit old and rather shaby) comics of mine? Well for testing it felt better to use real comics I drew rather than some pictures I found around, and maybe , just maybe I’ll let them be around on the site.

So who is Gunter? (or Gunther depending or I add the “h” in his name or not). It’s a character I came up with in my college years, a rather loser intellectual antihero who do nothing much in life, but moan a lot about it and make even more bad decisions. Never recognizing his misadventures are his own fault , he will allays punch himself on the chest complaining about the cruelty of the universe and getting in even more troubles. He is rather stressed, unsure of himself and quite unsavory because of his ego, more egoist than mean, he is actually nicer than he appears to be. I’ve always liked drawing about antiheroes, partly to make myself feel better of my life, although there are some things that are actually inspirited from my own life (albeit highly dramatised in Gunter…).

For a time I worked a lot with Gunter , but like many of my creations I have theorized more about him than I have drawn, the first thing I came up was his name, his rather nondescript appearance was made so he would be easy to draw , all the way to his hair (light so I don’t have to darken it when I draw). I actually inked Gunter with a pencil , which I found out was a lot of work, and he was my last comic where I used this technic as I now pencil my comics with a wacom and photoshop.

I ended drawing Gunter shortly after I got my master at university and continued on other stuff, I shortly tried to write a novel about him, but it didn’t stick either. A friend of mine is a big fan of him, not sure why, but I would say that although I cannot say for sure I will never get back to Gunther , it’s probable.